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LEI for Religious Institutions

For added peace of mind, STERLON CLEI provides Insureds with access to a toll-free Telephone Legal Advisory service.

Examples of Claims

Telephone Legal Advice

A church has serious problems with chronic absenteeism by a member of the staff and seeks advice. The lawyer provides direction on how to handle the matter, including the need to produce an action plan setting out the concerns and expectations for staff attendance. Appropriate warnings are required regarding the unacceptable attendance as well as an opportunity for corrective behaviour. Advice is provided on the liability of the employer if a termination is made without due process.

Substandard Sub-Contractor

After the board of deacons of the Insured had hired a company to clean the exterior of the church building some “white specks” appeared on the brickwork that appeared to be salt stains. The Insured refused to pay the account and was threatened with a lawsuit. The lawyer appointed for the Insured negotiated with the cleaning company to rectify the damage, including withholding the balance of the invoice, until the Insured was satisfied with the work.

Tenant Problems

A church rents their premises to an outside group who are now disturbing the neighbours with excessive noise, leaving the main door open at night, and leaving the washrooms in an unusable state. The Insured is provided with legal representation to terminate the rental agreement.

Faulty Goods

A church takes delivery of goods from a supplier but the goods were faulty. The Insured refuses to pay the invoice and is taken to court by the supplier. The policy provides legal representation to defend the action.

Unfair Dismissal / Constructive Dismissal

A member of staff resigns voluntarily and then several months later files a Statement of Claim alleging constructive dismissal based on workplace harassment and claiming damages. The insured had no knowledge that there had been any issues at work at the time the employee resigned. The Insured is provided with legal representation to defend the matter.

Pursuit of Personal Injury Claims

The Minister is injured when making a pastoral visit. The liability insurer for the homeowner disputes liability.
The CLEI cover appoints a lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of the Minister.

Criminal Charges

A custodian suffers minor injuries when a stack of chairs topples over, crushing his hand. This incident prompts an investigation by The Ministry of Labour and charges are laid. A lawyer is appointed to defend the church and to mitigate its liability.

STERLON LEI for Religious Institutions
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