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LEI for Gun Owners

Legal Expense Insurance for Gun Owners is an example of a special risks product designed to meet the needs of a specific group of individuals.

LEI for Gun Owners

Such individuals have an exposure to legal costs in the event they face criminal charges or licensing issues. Few can afford a lawyer or know where to find one.

The policy provides them with free access to a lawyer to provide them with telephone legal advice and in the event it is required, a lawyer will be appointed to represent the insured.

This provides the insured with peace of mind and a valuable risk management tool.

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Summary of Coverage

Firearm Offences

  • Defence of charges under the Criminal Code of Canada relating to the careless use of a firearm (s.86), Unauthorized possession of a firearm ( s. 91)), possession of a firearm knowing possession is unauthorized (s.92), Unauthorized possession in a motor vehicle (s.94) or Losing or finding (s.105).
  • Defence of charges where the Insured was acting in self defence;

Firearm Licensing

  • Appeal against a decision of a licensing, regulatory or judicial authority suspending, revoking, or altering the terms of, or refusing to renew, or cancelling a firearm licence

Appointment of a Lawyer

  • Selected from an approved panel of law firms
  • Appointed to represent Insured – not agent of STERLON
  • Legal fees paid to a maximum hourly rate of $400

Principle Exclusions

  • Pre-existing matters
  • Legal fees incurred prior to approval
  • Offences relating to a trade, occupation, employment or business venture
  • Offences relating the use of a Prohibited or Restricted Firearm as defined under the Criminal Code if there is no valid licence of the said firearm
  • Claims arising from the Initial application for a firearm licence or cost of applying for the renewal of a licence
  • Costs awarded against the Insured following a criminal conviction
  • Awards, compensation, damages, interest, fines, penalties or tax

Indemnity Limits

  • $150,000 any one claim, $500,000 in the aggregate
  • Legal proceedings must commence in Canada
  • No payment for awards, damages, fines or penalties
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