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Group Legal Expense Insurance

This product is available to Associations as a member benefit.

For added peace of mind, Insureds have access to a toll-free Telephone Legal Advisory service. This service provides unlimited access to a lawyer for immediate general advice on any professional matter arising from their employment or duties and is available between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Group Legal Expense Insurance

Summary of Coverage

The following are the available Insuring Clauses.

1. Consumer Protection
Pursuit of contractual disputes arising from the sale, purchase, lease or rental of goods or the provision of services

2. Residence Protection
Pursuit of a claim arising from disputes over the possession, purchase or sale of a residence; trespass and nuisance

3. Personal Injury Protection
Pursuit of claims for compensation relating to death or bodily injuries sustained when working away from the workplace

4. Matrimonial Protection
Representation up to and including mediation arising from a matrimonial breakdown

5. Minor Criminal and Traffic Offences Protection
Defence of a prosecution where the offence is punishable on summary conviction or for traffic violations which may result in disqualification

6. Income Security Protection
Pursuit of a dispute arising from rights to either public or private income security programs

7. Probate Protection
Pursuit of claims in respect of a probate dispute

8. Employment Dispute Protection
Defence or pursuit of a dispute arising from a contract of employment, including discrimination and harassment

9. Tax Protection
Defence of a Tax Audit arising out of any tax return submitted to the Canadian Revenue Agency or other similar Canadian provincial agency.

10. Loss of Earnings
Indemnity for a portion of loss of earning as a result of a court attendance, attendance at a disciplinary hearing, jury service

• Unlimited toll free telephone legal advisory service for the insured regarding any personal matter.

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