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LEI for Firearm Businesses

Legal Expense Insurance for stores that sell firearms.

LEI for Firearm Businesses

Commercial Legal Expense Insurance (CLEI) is specifically designed for companies with annual gross sales of and/or receipts of $ 10,000,000 or less that do not typically have legal services on staff. Given the high cost of retaining a lawyer, these companies are often put in a position where they have to choose between jeopardizing their financial bottom line by incurring heavy legal expenses, or risking financial difficulty, even bankruptcy and closure, by failing to have proper legal representation.

More than a policy, CLEI is a complete service that gives companies immediate access to a lawyer, selected from an expert panel, whenever they need it. CLEI covers matters NOT covered by commercial liability insurance.

There are multiple ways this cover can be provided to companies, in a manner that best suits their insurance portfolio e.g. integrating into an existing policy or provided as a separate policy.

Firearm Business

Summary of Coverage

CLEI means that no business, however small, should be prevented from exercising its full legal rights in a court of law. CLEI provides coverage for the costs incurred by a lawyer in areas of law not generally covered by other insurance. The following are the available Insuring Clauses.

1. Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery
Pursuit or defence of contractual disputes relating to the sale, purchase, lease or rental of goods or the provision of services (e.g. disputes with customers/suppliers, defence against claims of poor workmanship).

2. Employment Disputes
Defence of any dispute with an employee
(e.g. defence against wrongful dismissal charges, discrimination).

3. Criminal Prosecution
Defence of criminal or statutory proceedings
(e.g. Criminal Code (Canada), Occupational Health and Safety Act).

4. Property Disputes
Pursuit or defence of disputes relating to freehold/leasehold property including disputes following physical damage by a third party to that property
(e.g. landlord and tenant disputes, nuisance and trespass).

5. Personal Injury
Pursuit of claims for compensation relating to death or bodily injury sustained away from the workplace but while engaged in business activities.

6. Tax Disputes
Defence of a Tax Audit arising out of any tax return submitted to the Canadian Revenue Agency or other similar Canadian provincial agency.

7. Statutory Licence Protection
Pursuit of an Appeal following a decision of a licensing authority suspending, altering the terms, refusing to renew or cancelling the corporation’s operating licence.

• Unlimited toll free telephone legal advisory service for the insured regarding any commercial matter.

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