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Specialized LEI

Working with syndicates at Lloyd’s of London and domestic insurers, STERLON is well placed to create innovative Legal Expense Insurance solutions for Canadian clients.

Specialized for the Canadian Marketplace

We specialize in reviewing identified Legal Expense Insurance risks from brokers and work with underwriters to deliver the final product for the Canadian marketplace.

Legal Expense Insurance provides access to legal advice and cover for the legal costs of pursuing or defending certain classes of legal action.

It is available to both individuals and companies.

See the categories below for more information on the different coverages.

STERLON Legal Expense Insurance
Hunter with gun

Gun Owners

LEI for Gun Owners is an example of a special risks product designed to meet the needs of a specific group of individuals.

LEI for Gun Owners
Firearm Business

Firearm Businesses

Legal Expense Insurance for firearm businesses.

LEI for Firearm Businesses
Group Legal Expense Insurance

Group Legal Expense Insurance

Group legal expense insurance is available to Associations as a member benefit.

Group Legal Expense Insurance