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LEI for Healthcare Professionals

This coverage is designed for any healthcare professional and provides for the payment of legal fees for a variety of issues that affect your professional standing and your right to practice. This is not malpractice insurance which protects you for liability claims, but which does not pay your legal costs for the matters listed below.

Summary of Coverage

  • Toll free telephone legal advice between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time regarding professional matters.
  • Payment of legal fees and expenses up to agreed limits arising from conduct and/or duties as a professional in respect of:
    • Any investigation, inquiry and/or hearing before a professional regulatory board concerning a matter of fitness to practice and/or discipline and/or misconduct and/or complaint;
    • The defence of Criminal or Statutory Charges;
    • Representation at a coroner’s investigation;
    • Any breach of your right to conduct your professional practice at any facility;
    • Audit processes.
STERLON LEI for Healthcare Professionals