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LEI for Supervisory Officers

This coverage is designed for Supervisory Officers and provides payment of legal fees for a variety of issues affecting your professional standing and your ability to hold a professional licence.

Underwritten by Technology Insurance Company Inc.

The insured can select a lawyer from a panel of law firms specializing in the education field and there is coverage for the legal fees and disbursements incurred up to a maximum hourly rate of $400.

Payment of reasonable out-of-pocket disbursements, income, salary or wages when the insured is absent from work due to attending any court, tribunal or arbitration proceeding as a result of any of the above, as long as such reimbursement is not recoverable by the insured under a policy of insurance issued to the insured or the insured’s employer or as long as the money is not recoverable from any other source. Amounts paid will not exceed $500 per day or $5000 in any one school year.

STERLON LEI for Supervisors

Summary of Coverage

  • Toll free telephone legal advice for the insured and the insured’s spouse or dependent children during regular business hours regarding matters of a personal nature;
  • Toll free telephone legal advice during normal business hours regarding matters arising from the insured’s employment as a Director of Education;
  • Payment of reasonable legal fees and expenses for matters arising from the insured’s conduct or duties acting as a Director of Education in respect of:
    • any investigation, inquiry and/or hearing concerning a matter of the insured’s fitness to practice;
    • any investigation, inquiry and/or hearing concerning the insured’s discipline and/or misconduct and/or complaint;
    • pursuit of legal proceedings following a dispute with the insured’s employer which arises out of or relates to the insured’s contract of employment;
    • defence of the insured against criminal or statutory charges;
    • defence of the insured against quasi-criminal proceedings.
    • defence of the insured against any complaint of discrimination undertaken by the Human Rights Tribunal.

In a role like ‘Supervisory Officer’ you never think you will need to access your insurance. What we forget is: at any time (because we are unprotected by a union), we may need to access this support. I never would have thought I would need this service and I feel blessed that I had it as I would not have been able to pay for it out-of-pocket, and ultimately benefit as I did. This has nothing to do with being great at your job. At any time you could be under fire for anything, and you will need some support.

Being under enormous stress, STERLON was supportive and guided me. The lawyers STERLON works with are top-notch experts in their field.

I am grateful that I paid for this assurance. STERLON is worth every cent!”

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